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  • Time flies. In a flash, 2019 is coming to an end

    Time:2020/7/10 Count:26

     Time flies. In a flash, 2019 is coming to an end.

    January 18, 2020 15:58, we gathered together, ushered in the "Ling Yu Long color ALD" the first annual meeting of the celebration, but also jointly witnessed the yantai Lingyu powder machinery Co., Ltd. was founded 20 years of ups and downs, together look forward to a better tomorrow.
    ----------------------------------------Award-winning link-------------------------------------------------------------
    Looking back on the 20 years of entrepreneurial process, we are sincerely grateful, every monument of the company, the dedication and wisdom of all the staff, we will not forget every employee who made a contribution to the company. General manager Gao presented certificates and prizes to 2 senior employees who had worked in the company for 18 years.
    ▲ In the company to work 18 years of senior staff waiting for the award
    -------------------------------------------------lucky draw-----------------------------------------------------------------
    ▲ First prize: 65 inch LCD TV
    ▲ The fourth prize: Antarctic bedding set of four
    -------------------------------------The performance---------------------------------------------------------------------
    ▲General manager Gao and after-sales staff chorus: loyalty to the country
    ▲ The company's own valiant and heroic water drum team performance: Shengshi Longteng
    ▲ Weihai Longcester : Dance cross - burn
    ▲ Yantai Lingyu employees' children perform street dance
    ▲ Yantai ALD Yang Xiang singing: man flower
    ▲ Yantai Lingyu chorus: We are all dreamers
    The bell of 2020 has rung,Let us spread youth, seize the day, Wish you good health and good luck in the coming year.